Become a Yogability ambassador

Thank you for visiting our Yogability website. Yogability is a new functional yoga concept, based in the Netherlands. Yogability combines mobility and yoga fundamentals like breathing techniques, mindset, flexibility drills and more. But without too much Sanskrit words like chakras and meridians.

We are looking for you!

Yogability serves a whole new target group: people who normally wouldn’t join traditional yoga classes because they think it doesn’t suit them. For example: CrossFit athletes, football players, tennis players, soccer players, golf players, non-sportive people and many more. However, they all would benefit from yoga (aspects). With breathing techniques, they can control their mindset for example. Or train their diaphragm. And with other exercises they improve their physical and mental balance. Traditional yoga focusses more on flexibility poses. Yogability uses props and techniques to improve mobility as well, because we believe mobility is essential for a vital life. Yogability relies on scientific research and implements aspects from traditional yoga philosophy in its concept.

Currently, we are looking for ambassadors worldwide. If you became enthusiastic after reading above content we are looking forward to talking to you. Please contact us.